Autumn Home Checklists

Autumn Home Checklists

  • Matt Lill
  • 11/2/21
Autumn is a great time for apple orchards, football games, and trading in your iced coffee for a hot latte. It is also time to prepare your home & lawn for winter. To help, the ML/P Team developed an Autumn Home Checklist:

Winterize sprinkler systems, swimming pools, and other water features

Before the ground temperature reaches 40° F, it is important to winterize sprinkler systems to prevent a costly spring repair. In addition, exterior water pipes/spigots, appliances, and swimming pools need to be winterized prior to freezing.

Clean gutters and downspouts

While autumn leaves are beautiful, they also clog gutters and downspouts. This can cause moisture issues on soffits, which could lead to ice dams, rotting wood, and roof leaks. If you’re doing it yourself, please be sure to be safe and utilize a sturdy ladder. If you would like gutter cleaning company recommendations, please contact ML/P.

Wash and winterize windows

After cleaning the gutters, it is a great time to remove screens and wash the exterior windows. If your home has storm windows, this is a great time to install them as this will insulate and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Sweep and inspect chimneys and fireplaces

Before lighting the first fire of the season, it is important to sweep the chimney to take care of any creosote build-up. This will help protect your home from accidental fires. For recommended fireplace sweepers/inspectors, contact ML/P.

Clean and store outdoor furniture

To extend the life of your outdoor furniture, it’s important to complete a good cleaning prior to storage. If you do not have a storage space, protect with custom covers and/or waterproof tarps. It is also important to ensure there are drain holes at the bottom of outdoor furniture – as water buildup could expand as it freezes and ruins furniture.

Clean, service, and store gardening equipment

As you finish yard work for the last time, it is important to clean and service your lawn and garden equipment prior to putting them into storage. For lawnmowers, clean the mowing deck to remove built-up lawn clippings.

A complete exterior home inspection

Before the first snowstorm, it is a great idea to walk around your home to inspect the following: 
  • Foundation for any cracks or areas is easily accessible by mice or other rodents to access the interior. 
  • Roof for any loose shingles or any cracks which could lead to leaks.
  • Windows and doors for any cracks, broken seals, or damaged caulk. 
  • Schedule a maintenance tune-up of your heating system for energy efficiency. 
In addition to the exterior checklist, autumn is also a great time to do regular home interior maintenance. Below is a quick checklist to help:
  • Clean or replace HVAC filters
  • Change smoke detector batteries
  • Clean and reverse ceiling fans
  • Deep-clean the interior of the house
ML/P team is always available to assist with any recommendations on home services/maintenance. Give your agent a call today to discuss!

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