A Relocator’s Guide to Downtown Minneapolis

A Relocator’s Guide to Downtown Minneapolis

  • Matt Lill
  • 04/28/22

Moving to a new city is a big deal for anyone, and whether it’s to be closer to family, to retire to a fresh, new climate, or to start a new job, there’s a lot to consider. If you’re planning to or already relocating to the downtown Minneapolis area, you’ll want to know what kind of town you’re getting yourself into. From Linden Hills homes for sale to Ventura Village real estate, find out what about this four-season metropolis you’ll fall in love with.

Pricing and rates

While finding a Linden Hills, Minneapolis home, you need to know what kind of financial situation you’re walking into. The average home price for the entire city is $330,879, decently affordable for a large metro area. Comparatively, Seattle’s average home price is $932,382. However, some neighborhoods are undeniably ritzier than others. For example, Linden Hills homes for sale cost an average of $764,500. So, while looking at different communities, it’s essential to think about which price points fit your lifestyle. If you want a luxury haven downtown, some neighborhoods will work better for you than others.

However, something else that’s important to note is that the record-low interest rates of 2020 and 2021 are rapidly fading away. Lately, the Minneapolis mortgage interest rates have jumped up to 4.36%, so factor this into your loan approval and budget plans.

Professional help

Thoughtful moving plans are vital for getting to your new dream home. Look into professional movers to help you get your belongings there safely. When hiring movers, it’s important to look into more nationally recognized brands or names that would be willing to help you move from any part of the country. Think of services like United Van Lines or UHaul. Using their online quote tools, you can look into what moving from your home state to Linden Hills Minneapolis will be like.

If you’re coming from somewhere a little closer, say another part of Minnesota, you might be able to use more local movers, like The Move Crew or Matt’s Moving, to get the job done.

City of Lakes

City of LakesPhoto Courtesy of Tinggly
Even though Minneapolis can get pretty cold, don’t let that fool you. Linden Hills is an outdoor city all year round. Between the seasons, the lakes, and the walkability of the metro area, you’ll be missing out on a significant part of Minnesota culture by running inside and hiding from the cold. For example, if you stay inside all winter, you won’t get to go ice fishing, a winter staple of this lake-bound city. So, once you move into Linden Hills homes for sale, get your snow and water gear out ASAP. After all, Minneapolis alone has 22 lakes, and the locals enjoy them every season. If rivers are more your outdoorsy style, you’re in luck. You also can spend some time rowing down the largest river in the entire US, the Mississippi River, because it runs straight through Minneapolis.

Cheesy eateries

Minneapolis is particularly famous for its Tater Tot HotDish, so when you move into Linden Hills homes for sale, you have to check out some of the best HotDish options in the city. However, this city has another signature food known as the Juicy Lucy: For lack of a better description, it’s basically two burgers with cheese stuffed in the middle of them. You can find the original Juicy Lucy at Matt’s Bar.
Cheesy eateriesPhoto Courtesy of Young Joni
Other classic Minneapolis restaurants include Al’s Breakfast, Young Joni, and Broder’s Pasta Bar. But if you can’t make up your mind on where to order, head down to the city’s foodie-friendly Eat Street to try to figure out dinner in person. With a dozen blocks and over 40 restaurants, you can eat somewhere new every night for a month and still not get through all the delicious eateries available.
delicious eateries availablePhoto Courtesy of Broder’s Pasta Bar

Schools and education

Schools and education
When moving to a new place like Linden Hills Minneapolis or any other great Minneapolis neighborhood, any parent will be concerned about their children’s education. Luckily for Minnesota relocators, this metro city has some excellent options. Many Minneapolis schools are in the top 5% of the state, including all-star programs like Lake Harriet Upper School and Lake Harriet Lower Elementary School. Notably, though, Minneapolis’ public schools perform better for elementary grade students than high schools, so you might want to look into private education during your children’s teen years.


ActivitiesPhoto Courtesy of Orpheum Theater
When looking for recreational activities in Minneapolis, it’s not all just lake trips and outdoorsy vibes. After all, this city actually has one of the liveliest theater communities in the US. Some of the top Minneapolis theaters include Guthrie Theater, Orpheum Theater, and Jungle Theater. Look out for renditions of The Tempest, A Raisin in The Sun, Emma, Sweat, Moulin Rouge, Cats, To Kill a Mockingbird, Every Brilliant Thing, and more.

If you love amusement and razzle-dazzle, you’ll be happy to explore the vast Mall of America or play a few hands at Mystic Lake Casino and Little Six Casino.
Mall of AmericaPhoto Courtesy of Bring Me The News
If you want to become a regular resident of Linden Hills, Minneapolis, you might want to get involved in sports. Minnesota locals are avid sports fans, from the Minnesota Twins to the Timberwolves and from the Vikings to the Wild. Whichever sport you prefer, throw on a jersey and cheer for your new hometown teams with your neighbors.


The experiences of each of the four seasons in Minnesota are beautiful, and the locals love them, but any new resident moving from a warmer climate to Linden Hills homes for sale has to be ready for the cold. In winter, the temperature sits, on average, between a frigid 24 and 8 degrees. Surprisingly, if it weren’t for the many lakes, that temperature would be even lower. So rejoice: Your new lakes give you some extra warmth! But they do mean you’ll get more snow. Start preparing for the winter months before you get caught wearing a raincoat in a blizzard.

Are you ready to make the move to Linden Hills? Reach out to Matt Lill / Partners for help finding the perfect Minneapolis home for you!

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