7 Tips for Staging Your Minneapolis Lakes Home

7 Tips for Staging Your Minneapolis Lakes Home

  • Matt Lill
  • 09/15/21

If you plan to sell Minneapolis Lakes luxury homes in the next few months, you couldn’t have picked a better time. The Minneapolis area is currently experiencing a strong seller’s market with more interested buyers than homes on the market. This is great news for sellers, as they are likely to get more interest in their homes. If they play their cards right, sellers will sell their homes quickly and for the price they want.

The average home in Minneapolis is currently selling for 4% above the asking price, and hot homes can sell for as much as 10% over their listing price. However, the strong market doesn’t mean you can skip out on your pre-listing checklist. One of the most important items on that list remains to stage your home.

If you hire a professional stager, that expert will come into your home and decide how to rearrange furniture, change up the décor, and add or remove items to help your home “speak” to prospective buyers. They will also make sure each room in your house has a designated purpose.

Not sure you want to bring in a stranger to handle your belongings? You can also experience the benefits of staging when you do it yourself or work with a virtual stager, who can create the ideal environment in your home to appeal to those who view it online. No matter which way you choose to go, keep these tips in mind to make sure your staging experience nets the results you want.

1. Focus on Decluttering

Clutter will kill any interest that prospective buyers have in Minneapolis Lakes luxury homes. Not only does clutter make every room seem smaller, but it also indicates that your home has not been well-cared for. The first step in any staging project is to remove all items from your home that you won’t need during the selling process. This includes books, papers, clothes, dishes, small appliances, and anything else filling your drawers and closets or taking up space on shelves or walls. If you and your Minneapolis Lakes real estate agent haven’t yet found a new home for you to move into, consider renting a storage unit so you can put all your items in a place far away from the eyes of buyers.

2. Deep Clean

Deep Clean

Buyers of Minneapolis Lakes luxury homes expect them to be sparkling clean. Achieving this level of cleanliness can be difficult for homeowners, especially if your schedule is packed with other pre-listing tasks. Consider hiring a cleaning company that specializes in preparing homes for the market and knows which checklist items to pay attention to in the cleaning process. If you still live in your home, you may want the company to come in to do a touch-up every week after their initial cleaning to ensure it stays show-ready.

3. Store Personal Items

Store Personal Items

One of the main goals of staging is to ensure potential buyers can visualize themselves living in Minneapolis Lakes luxury homes for sale. To achieve this goal, stagers will advise you to remove any highly personal items from your homes, such as family photos, hobby materials, unique artwork, or knickknacks, and store them during the selling process. Again, a storage unit is a great place to keep these items safe until you find your next home.

4. Remove Bulky or Excess Furniture

Large, unwieldy furniture makes rooms appear smaller. An excess of furniture can do the same thing, which is why professional stagers usually remove about half of their clients’ furniture prior to showings. You can put your furniture in a storage unit if you don’t yet have a new house to move it to, or you can make a new start by selling it and buying new when you make your move.

5. Make Your Home as Neutral as Possible

Make Your Home as Neutral as Possible

You can’t be sure what personal tastes your potential buyers will have, but you can make an accurate guess that it won’t be the same as yours. That’s why Minneapolis Lakes real estate professionals will advise you to paint any walls that are not already neutral colors like beige or tan, switch out any bold or vibrant décor or furnishings, and make everything in your home as universally appealing as possible.

6. Turn Your Eye to the Exterior

Staging is not limited to the inside of your home. The first impression your home will make will likely revolve around the exterior, so you need to make sure this area of your home is in pristine shape. Minneapolis Lakes luxury homes that have tidy lawns, trees, and bushes will be more appealing to buyers than those that look neglected.

After you’ve tended to your yard, make sure your walkway and driveway are in good shape. You may want to consider repainting or replacing your garage door, mailbox, and front door to add a small but noticeable refresh. Want to add some extra touches? Place some colorful potted flowers or plants along the walkway, strategically place a charming set of quality outdoor furniture on the porch, or place a cheerful welcome mat outside the front door.

7. Don’t Forget the Final Touches

Booked that first showing and prepared for buyers to come into your home? The night before or morning of the showing, set your dining room table with new dishes, silverware, and wine glasses, and put a vase of fresh flowers nearby. Set the mood by baking some cookies or turning on a wax warmer and turning on some tranquil classical music. Open curtains to let in the natural light, turn on some strategically placed lamps, and let your home shine!

Now is the perfect time to sell Minneapolis Lakes luxury homes due to the hot market and low inventory. To make sure your house sells quickly, work with an experienced Minneapolis Lakes real estate agent like Matt Lill, and follow the staging tips in this article.



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